Extreme Tactics – Day 5 of Advent 2019

Extreme Tactics is an RTS based around vehicles. Lots and lots of vehicles. You have two resources, Coolar and Calibrium, and each unit requires both to build. One of them is gathered by your base, or the Mobile Command Centre, which sits on top of a vein of the stuff and gradually sucks it out of the ground; the other is collected from holes in the ground by miner units.

The MCC, which I wish stood for Master Chief Collection. It stands up like a bird and poops out units. I'm not kidding.

I must be doing something wrong, because all my units are glacially slow. Here’s the thing: part of the big draw of this game was that you could design your own vehicles. I made two: a hovercraft with plasma guns and a walker with missile launchers. Both of them are just painfully sluggish when shuffling across the battlefield, and the miner isn’t much better.

Fortunately, the designs can be altered mid-game, because that makes sense. So, switch out the big chassis for something smaller…yep, that’s quite a bit faster. Not fast by any stretch, but faster.

The unit designer. It's...relatively intuitive, actually.

I’ve been getting attacked here and there from the north, so I sent a couple of scouts up to explore. The hovercraft can travel over water, but there was nothing to the north save a bare cliff face.

There really is nothing on this map, is there?

After what seemed like an eternity, I discovered signs of civilisation. It turns out my little scout craft can’t take much punishment, but at least I’ve found the enemy’s base, so let’s send the boys round.

Er, if the boys ever get there.

This map was mostly water, and my only water-based vehicle was a hovercraft apparently laden with sixteen-ton weights.

Well, I’m getting nowhere fast. Maybe the tutorial will help?

Apparently, there were buildings this whole time! Where were they? The UI was no help in this regard.

It looks like small wheeled vehicles are the fastest. No good on water, though, which the majority of that map was. I also noticed that the vehicles only just get close enough for their longest-range weapon – even if they’re equipped with a variety of short-range weapons, too. Inefficient.

I’m gonna be honest, I just entirely lost patience with this game. I have 21 more games to cover, so I haven’t the time to watch these hunks of metal take a leisurely stroll across the map. It’s not really much of a looker, either, this game. Plus – and here’s the kicker – it’s very, very Command and Conquer in style. But you’d rather play Command and Conquer than this, surely!

A different map, because all the screenshots would look the same otherwise.

Verdict: it comes on two discs. Only one is required to play the game.

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