What’s Inside My PlayStation? An amazing discovery, that’s what.

When I was little, I used to think a chipping a PlayStation meant going at it with a chisel.

In recording a separate video (which hopefully will be out fairly soon), I accidentally found out that my charity shop-found SCPH-9002 PlayStation can play imported games and copies!

Further investigation may be required here, but in my brief research into the 12C508 chip, it turns out some of them have a colour mod which ‘fixes’ the colours in NTSC games. I guess that must be a separate issue to the framerate since that appeared to be totally fine.

Also, next time something like this happens, remind me to get some extra footage so I don’t have to resort to screenshots of tweets.

Music by Ozzed – http://j.mp/2JEN7JI
Additional music by Kevin MacLeod – http://j.mp/2zHrX7z

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