House Rules

Here’s how this is going to work.

We’re going to review video games. While there will be objective facts laid out within these reviews, they are undoubtedly going to rely on my opinion. That’s just how it is.

Each review will be split up into sections, to make it easier to focus on the parts you care about. You don’t mind how a game looks? Just skip the graphics section. You want to see a great narrative? The section is right over there.

Each review will also have a set of main bullet points that give a brief overview of the game. This section will be meant for people who either don’t have the time or the ability to read through a whole review.

We’re going to give each game an overall score, based on the review as a whole. The scoring system is as follows:

  • 10/10 – Mythic – A shining example of the greatest that gaming has to offer.
  • 9/10 – Legendary – A fantastic game, and definitely worth your time.
  • 8/10 – Reyt Grand – A very good game, with perhaps some minor problems.
  • 7/10 – Good – If this looks like your kind of game, you’ll get something out of this.
  • 6/10 – Does a Job – Not bad, but not really up to much either.
  • 5/10 – Average – No really good points, no really bad points. Middle-of-the-road.
  • 4/10 – A Bit Naff – Doesn’t do a very good job, though it may try valiantly.
  • 3/10 – Poor – Might be just about playable, but generally lacking in effort.
  • 2/10 – Terrible – If there are any good points, they’re few and very far between.
  • 1/10 – Shockin’ – Only play this game if you’re after something that’s so bad, it’s good.
  • 0/10 – What’s tha’ call this? – So bad, it’s not even so-bad-it’s-good. Exercise extreme caution.

(Yes, this means that 5/10 is average, as it should be.)

Finally, games will run the gamut in terms of release date. There are so many games, both new and old, and they’re all worth looking at. Expect to be surprised.

That just about wraps that up. Hope you enjoy the site.