The Cat Book

You might be here because you found one of my cat manuals. Congratulations!

This was a bit of a whim project that I thought would be a funny idea. And it turns out it was! People seem to like it, anyway. Aesthetically, it’s inspired by the old IBM service manuals for their PCs – back when they made PCs, that is. It walks that line between serious and silly: and what a tricky line to walk it is.

To quote my more strait-laced professional site, “the layout design will be familiar to anyone who’s used an IBM personal computer; similarly, the name C/AT is derived from the IBM PC/AT system. The book’s illustrations were designed with this style in mind, being intentionally minimalist and annotated with straightforward diagrams. Accompanying text provides cat facts with a light sense of humour, explaining cats’ behaviours as system functions and comparing their body parts to computer peripherals. Owners are encouraged to visit an IBM-approved vet should their system start to behave erratically, with space to write their cat’s name and serial number at the front.”

Beyond what’s written in the book itself, there’s not a whole lot to say. But hey, it’s done its job, made people laugh and directed them to this site for more fun stuff…so I can’t complain, really!

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